How to Prolong the Life of Your System?

For a lift station pump to last for many years to come, it requires proper maintenance and repair. Here are some best practices to follow.

Sewage lift stations are critical components of wastewater systems, but all too often, maintenance is an afterthought until something like the lift station pump fails. Regular maintenance from experienced technicians prevents wear and tear that can lead to catastrophic failure and prolongs the system’s lifespan. Below, we answer the question “what are lift stations?” and […]

Lift Station Odors and How to Address Them

Lift Station Odors and How to Address Them

Pungent odors from a property’s drainage system may indicate problems with its wastewater lift station. These smells can reduce indoor air quality and create a toxic environment for residents. Regular lift station cleaning from qualified technicians can reduce these smells. What Causes Lift Station Odors? Lift station odors typically originate from waste lodged in pipes or […]

Lift Station FAQs

Lift Station FAQs

What Are Lift Stations? “What are lift stations?” is one of the most common questions technicians receive. Lift stations – sometimes known interchangeably as pumping stations – are appliances that include a tank, valves, and electrical components that help move wastewater or sewage to higher elevations. In other words, lift stations facilitate the movement of […]

Lift Station Monitoring and Alarms

Lift Stations increase the effectiveness of sewage transfer to a treatment facility. They are an essential part of the complete infrastructure of the wastewater industry. Operators of wastewater treatment systems must keep a constant eye on the functionality and health of their machinery and pay particular attention to warnings and notifications. Regular monitoring of lift […]

Lift Station Basics: Types Of Lift Stations

A wastewater lift station is essential for getting sewage to a wastewater treatment facility. It transports wastewater from a lower elevation to a higher elevation which means there is no need to dig trenches to access the subsurface of sewer pipes. This also means less construction cost. It is no wonder many municipalities opt for […]

Signs Lift Stations Need Professional Care

Lift stations are regularly maintained and monitored by professionals. However, there are unavoidable problems. If these are not fixed as soon as possible, they can result in something more complicated in the long run. How do you know if your lift station is experiencing some issues? Look out for the following telltale signs. High-level Sounding […]