Signs Lift Stations Need Professional Care

Lift stations are regularly maintained and monitored by professionals. However, there are unavoidable problems. If these are not fixed as soon as possible, they can result in something more complicated in the long run.

How do you know if your lift station is experiencing some issues? Look out for the following telltale signs.

High-level Sounding Alarm
One of the clearest indications that something isn’t functioning properly with your lift station is the alarm. You will notice an audible or visible flashing light sign if there is a problem with the sewage lift station. The cause is either a severe pump malfunction or a high water level. To prevent further harm to the system.

Strong Smell
If you smell sewage gas, it might be from your basement or your outdoor sump. These smells could indicate blocked drains or other issues. The stuff you flush down the drain should be biodegradable; otherwise, it will clog the pumping chambers and cause major issues.

Slow Drainage
Grease, oils, and fats can quickly block lift stations. They cause considerable harm over time, including blocking the switches and floats and shutting down the system. Frequently, slow drainage is this issue’s initial warning sign. It might sound like something you can do, but it is better to leave it to the professionals.

Sewage pumping plants are practically silent while operating because they are buried beneath the liquid surface. If your systems make loud noises that aren’t normal, something may be wrong.

Water and Sewer Backups
Water and sewer backups can mean either a blockage or a pump failure.

As soon as you notice any of these signs, call a professional right away. South Florida Lift Stations can dispatch their team of experts and see what the problem with your lift station is. You can trust us to locate the issue and address the problem properly. Send us a message any time to schedule an appointment.